Sirena Alise

Who is Sirena Alise?

Sirena Alise Williams


Who is Sirena Alise?

She is the professional athlete formerly known as Sirena Williams…… See that is precisely the problem.  This Sirena is spelled with an “i” and not and “e” like the “other” Serena that plays tennis and has a slightly differently spelled name.  This Sirena is a Track and Field athlete, a 100 meter hurdler to be precise.  So, before things go too far with this identity crisis, we will call her Sirena Alise.  Sirena Alise Williams is now Sirena Alise.


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A Few Things About Sirena

  1. Favorite Food: Fried Plantain
  2. Favorite Splurge: Al Rico’s Tacos in Fresno, Ca
  3. Do You Have a Kryptonite?: Strawberry & Nutella Crepe

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