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The Starter App by Sirena Alise

Start Gun App by Sirena Alise

“I came up with Starter App when I  was by myself and using random sounds I heard to trigger my interval training.”

– Sirena Alise

“I came up with the Starter App at a training session one day. I was by myself and using random sounds I heard, like a lot of track athletes do, to trigger the start of each rep of my interval training” Sirena tells us, “Using random sounds works for the most part but it’s not very efficient or effective. You can always ask the random person on the track to set you but if there not familiar with track starts then your not going to get the start you want or you have to teach them, which can be a problem when you are training to compete as a profession.”
Sirena teamed up with a friend who owns his own company in the software development field .  She wrote out plans of how she wanted it to work, look, and feel.  Sirena sketched up her own mock screen shots down to the smallest details of the app’s look feel, and function.
For the most part people use it for what it’s made for. Track and field . It’s pretty cool when some of my peers who are also pursuing Olympic dreams tell me they use my app.
Starter App works great with SlimClip Case and the App
Starter App by Sirena Alise

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