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When Does a Professional Athlete Join with a Tech Accessory Brand?

“There is No Way I can do my workouts with an armband, fanny pack, or bra stuffing my iPhone.  It’s that simple, I couldn’t hurdle and do starts without changing my form with those solutions.  With SlimClip Case I can Practice Starts, Hurdle, Lift Weights, do Plyometrics, Sprint, Cartwheel, or WhatEver & I Never Have to even think about how I’m securing my iPhone.”
– Sirena Alise

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Professional Athlete

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Sirena's Journey by SlimClip Case

  • “I used an armband or the pockets in my pants before the SlimClip case.  I like the SlimClip case better because I can slide it anywhere on my clothing and not have to worry about it falling off. It is also more accessible.  I can clip in on hip when I warm up and change songs more easily.”


    – Sirena Alise