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Your on The Dutch Side of Belgium

Who knew ? Before heading out to Europe I made a point to learn a few french phrases that I deemed would suffice should I need to speak french (I used the app Duolingo which was suggested by Amber.. my teammate.. in case you were wondering). photo 2Upon my arrival everyone spoke English. Lol who knew.And in the city I was in the people spoke Dutch. So the few french phrases I did learn I never even used.

My flight there was 10 long hours of me sleeping and watching movies. Somehow I adjusted to the time change fairly well (I slept through every single breakfast while I was there). Before the flight I met Chris, don’t exactly remember his occupation but it was something fascinating that he didn’t want to talk about because it was stressful.. Now that I think about it I think he was an engineer… I could be wrong. I do know his son Ashley was a music producer.. or made music. One or the other. Either way its cool. He also had a daughter who is pretty much awesome and works in the hotel industry. From what I gathered she speaks tons of language (I could be making that up) and has traveled and lived all over the world (true statement). Sounds like an awesome life to me !

About the plane. That was the sickest plane I have ever been on ! It was amazing. I felt like a kid in the candy story lol Everyone else was clearly use to riding planes like that and I probably looked like that Michael Jackson fan that passed out in the stands (you know the girl they always show passing out when they play the M.J documentary.) Lol I was in awe and my eyes were wide ! I mean the plane was huge ! And they fed us lmao I ‘ma stop. It was a great experience.

photo 2Upon landing, Chris offered to take me to my final destination (no pun intended).  And off we went to start the beginning of my European tour.

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