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Racing in the Rain #tracknation

Ssssoo it almost never rains in Cali and when it does, it is complete chaos. Considering we are currently in a drought, we need all the rain we can get!!! So, I am complaining but at the same time not really. Maybe just nagging a little bit. However it was a nice change and I actually enjoyed racing in the rain!

Anyhow this weekend I had a awesome campaign. 2 Meets, 3 races, Racing in the rain. First on the agenda was cerritos college. I love that track dearly!!!

I felt horrible going into the meet. Tired from this weeks hard work, felt like I needed at least needed two more hours of sleep and my arms were killing me. They’ve been bulking up a little bit and I can feel and see the results!! I was so tired that an old teammate made a point to tell me I looked tired haha. Just bad!!!

Regardless of the fact that I felt horrible I knew that as long as I mentally prepared for the race all the training I’ve been putting in over the past 3 years will show up in my race. And it did!!!

I didn’t race a PR but I raced a phenomenal time with no competition and horrible, ok maybe not horrible, but bad weather conditions. The weather? It was the awkward rain. Like its misty rain, enough to annoy you but really not enough to complain about. Like heavy consistent fog like rain. Ugh! Just annoying!!

Second, or Lastly was UCLA. Torrential down pour warming up for my race!!! Cali torrential down pour!!




I can complain about this. I was ready though. I dressed the part. Warm up thoroughly and was mentally prepped for my race. Luckily by the time my race came the rain had subsided. (If you need help with competing in the rain check my article out!! –>> How to Compete in The Rain )

Start 1

Felt amazing out of the blocks. Which is becoming a trend this season. Last season another story. I felt like Flash and was ready to take on the first hurdle but someone who shall remain unnamed false started. UGH! There went my flash gordon start.

Start 2

We only made it to on your marks. Someone raised their hand and asked to reset. The official asked me if I was ok, I guess because she saw the pissed off look on my face. haha I was trying run fast and I was ready!!

Start 3

We are off!! Finally!!! Felt great too. Hurdles 1 -6 I was moving.. 7 came up and fatigue started to set in but I was like naw… not today!!! Announcer said my name and I was like heck yea!! I honestly shouldn’t be listening to what’s going on inΒ my surroundings. So that let’s me know I need to work on focusing after hurdle 6 a little more. Ended up taking second to may favorite hurdler by point .01. She out leaned me at the tape!! haha I’ll get her next time! We are always battling and it’s so fun racing! We always push each other which is great!


In all I am really happy with my hurdle run for this race. I felt great and know that the strongest part of my run is the last couple of hurdles. Once that strength kicks in, there’s nothing you can do to stop me!

In addition to my hurdle run I also ran the 200. I wish I was fast at this haha. Around 150m that monkey hoped on my back and the burn set in. And no we aren’t talking about Bernie sanders lol I mean the burn you get when you know booty lock is about to set in. When it kicked in I had a flash back to arcadia when I was racing the 300h. It was about that distance into the race where I started to hit the robot and everyone passed me. I had never got out that hard in my life in a 300h run. I am glad I did though because a few college coaches inquired where I was going after my run!! But back to the 200. Man oh man that burn is vicious lol but you know it was a good burn and I ran .1 off my PR for that run. So I’ll take that as a win!


All in all it was awesome racing in the rain this weekend.

I can’t complain at all!

On to Mt. Sac!!


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